Monday, May 18, 2009

Mummy hasn't been to the library in years cuz the books are always old and the only books they have on dogs are the not the ones she's looking for....however, the library near our place has been renovated and mummy decided to visit the library to "kill time"...lo and behold, to her delight, she found an entire new collection of dog books! yes, including books from dogwise and the books that she borrowed from Romeo!! hoorays!! I spy..a book about raw i guess mummy's gonna start feeding me more varieties than what she's giving me now...(i just hope she'll stop trying to feed me those smelly things called pig's liver)...and i saw 3 books on dog training...i think mummy's trying to make me a personal slave or something...yikes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

one (extremely) happy girl

smelling fresh and clean!! this was after her bath and grooming yesterday

Asking for tummy rubs

Look at her smile~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

wet (skinny) rats

Mummy finally finished her eggzams and kept her promise of "making it up to me" by taking me to the pool this morning to swim with charming Romeo! of course, i spent more time running around the pool herding everyone in it and running away from my evil mum who kept making me do laps...tee hee...clever me huh?

not many photos today cuz i looked unglamourous (like a drowning wet rat said mummy and michelle) but there was this totally adorable dally 4 mth old puppy that had one brown and one blue eye! how beautiful is that?!

And here's Romeo in his favourite spot just soaking in the water...teehee

and a short video on the dally learning how to swim

and then i had to put up with being tortured in the bathroom whilst mummy scrubs me down (and dries my fur for the next 2 hrs!) if i didn't get enough water for today already!


Kayla is totally pooped out after her tiny bit of splashing around...that slacker princess...pfft. but she's definitely darn happy! she's been doing sudden sprints around the house...something she's NEVER done before...haha...and she's totally knocked out now...I myself knocked out after all that back breaking activities of bathing and drying her. Lets go again soon Romeo!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my deepest condolences Malz...

Rest in peace my dearest Sabre...u are loved and will always be remembered...