Monday, March 23, 2009

I finally managed to teach Kayla the hand scenting game!! shall video it when i get a new charger for my digicam....she's no bimbo afterall~!! *woots*

Happy barkday Romeo!

Mummy was in a frenzy yesterday as she dashed around like a loony muttering "overslept overslept"...i didn't know what was going on til she grabbed my collar and leash!! We both hurried down where Pirate and his family were waiting and they gave us a lift to Romeo's 1st bday pawty!!

The pawty was awesome and i met many friends (old and new alike)! Unforunately Mummy has not replaced her digicam's faulty charger so no peektures that i can proudly display :(

The food was awesome!! There was lots of space for me to run around! best of all, i got loads of treats from everyone!! i hope u love ur prezzie Romeo!! Thanks for the lovely charm...mummy was just browing the web looking for charms that day!


Mummy spent one of her weekends pooch-sitting her friend's female yorkies...they were such tiny creatures!!

This is Alexis, 7 mths old....she's hyperactive, loves chasing and enticing me to play...and can't stop bugging me! but i adore her cuz she keeps me company when Mummy went out for dinner that nite :)

And this is Alfie, 7 yrs old...the teeniest Diva in the world....

Alfie does not play with us cuz she does not want to mess her silky fur

This is Alexis peeping at us before she went into a deep sleep...we had chased each other before Mummy took this shot and Alexis was tired out before i even warmed myself up...sigh

And then Alexis decided that Alfie's bed looked more cosy so she switched beds...


that's me of course!

Alexis in the midst of winking! and there's Alfie behind. :)

Oh here's a video of Alexis and myself..Mummy decided to record us so that she could observe our body language especially the "play-bow".
p.s: the barks and growls were from Alexis

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mummy would like to thank Jazz and Shanice who introduced her to the clicker and for teaching her how to use it.

And also special thanks to Michelle and Maureen for giving her encouragement, tips and countless advice.

Thanks Romeo and Michelle for lending mummy ur books and making treats for me :)

....thanks to all of you, im getting nice treats everyday *arf*

Mummy says although im a slow learner, i've improved a lot! She now makes me "work" for not sure if i should grumble for being made to work or to be happy cuz i get such yummie treats. hmm....

Today, we're doing "watch me". Off to practise!