Monday, September 28, 2009

apologies for being missing from this blog...mummy has been rather lazy to update of late and she couldnt be bothered to upload her photos as well. pfft.

we've been to k9 kulture a little too regularly lately cuz mummy got addicted to their Corgi cheese burger and mango if only she'll let me have some! i wouldn't say she completely starved me or anything...she DID buy me some meatballs...but who would choose meatballs over a cheeseburger?! *fume*. we met Jazz and her furkids there a few times as well...haha :)

heavenly mango smoothie!

Corgi cheese burger...drool

tiny ass Alfie


Alexis enjoying her b'day meatball

Giant Goldie-mix-poodle

Alfie n Alexis looking for their mummy

this is me at mealtimes!@

we also went to the Pet Emporium for my very first grooming session!! and mummy was really pleased with how i smelt and looked that i heard her saying she's gonna take me there again (argh)....


Lovely Arson

Cassie again

Arson *drool*

Arson. Taylor. Love this pic!

Arson watching while Cheryl was grooming me

and peeping from behind the counter

me getting tortured

Arson got bored so he started to squish his face again the glass panel to make silly faces

ta da~!