Thursday, December 31, 2009

so how did u spend your new years' eve?

Mummy n Daddy brought me to that HUGE field to enjoy the breeze and to just stroll around.
Ahhh....this is life!!

Beach day out!!

Kayla's virgin trip to the beach with Fiona/Ax, Cherring/Tiara, Genevieve/Caesar.
Snapped a whole lot of photos while waiting for Gen/Caesar to arrive, and smart me forgot to take photos of Gen and Caesar!!

wet sheltie = skinny wet dog

Cherry and Kayla

Lovely Tiara!!

wet shelties

i love how she has this majestic pose... :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

random post of peektures

y is cold air coming out of there?

In the car, heading to goodness knows where

Can u guess what this hideous looking thing is?

yep, a toy. what did u buy me such a toy mumsy?

with Dewei korkor aka galgal's daddy

he likes to make me "show fang"

i've been upgraded to the front passenger seat *woots*