Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy barkday Coco and Prince!!

We were all invited to Pet movers by Jazz to celebrate Coco and Princes' barkdays....and as usual, i spent the night b4 at Choppers' place and we did what we loved to do best : keep the humans awake all night! what could possibly be more fun than that right?!!

So, bright and so-darn early we got woken up and went down to flag a usual,
we got reejected by about 5 times b4 we found one that wanted to ferry us to the party and the journey was just too long...

Chopper anticipating....where are we going dad?

Oh i dread long car rides...

We've stopped!! we're here?!!

oh, mummy said we've stopped cuz the traffic lights turned red. DARN.

and Finally: we're here!!!

Birthday girl, Coco

wad's Fraser and Diva lookin at, u wonder?

they're watching me eat the agility cake!! its my first time having a cake and it rawks!

who's this? hey Taylor!!

Taylor smiling for his shot :)

Mambo : manja and totally adorable

Fraser takes a bite from Edmund. Fraser loves the cake, but doesn't like edmund. And he can't decide whether or not to take the cake. He was soooo wary while coming toward us but i guess the smell of the cake made him give in and take the risk. wahaha

Ax is finally here! Mambo gives Ax a welcome sniff.

This is my lookalike, Diva. She's lost a lot of fur after birth and now looks like those size 0 models who strut down the runways. Still cute and lovely, like me! Look how she looks eagerly at our cake...

Daddy secretly gives her a piece...yummy right?

This is one of Eric's sheltie who keeps sticking to him...haha

Mambo looking out for dogs that might disturb him

And im watching Mambo

Fraser: darn good looking

wait, what's he doing?

looks like he found a good spot...

ah! satisfaction! look at Mambo grinning in the back!

here's Ax

He loves following Diva and i around...

Ax following me....
Diva, after running away from Ax

Ax trying to find us

Is this Natasha?

I'm hiding among the humans

Looks like Ax found Diva

Fraser watching Ax...hey that's my wifey!!
Mebo and Diva...this is the only shot i got of Mebo

Is this Cardules?

I love hiding among the humid beings

It was a super hot ride home. The cab driver was afraid of "doggy odour" so he wound down the windows for the entire journey. Hot as h*ll.

See how much Chopper was panting?

Coco in her birthday frock. Happy birthday and thanks for inviting us!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road trip part 2

What's not to like about Dewei korkor? i got kissed, cuddled and coos from him while mummy got her bangs trimmed by Dewei's mummy...heh heh...ahhh...this is life...

Kor kor tried to experiment to see what i would look like when i bare my teeth...i think i look more spastic than fierce...anyhoo, mummy said im too *sweet* to be fierce...-gleams-
take one:

Take two:

Finally :

i love this shot!

What is gal looking at? Dewei Kor kor was singing!! and he has a great voice!!

Can we go there again soon??