Wednesday, July 23, 2008

With deepest condolences...

let us bow our heads and tuck our tails for one minute of silence to honour mummy's gd friends' Bichon named ah Din who has crossed over the rainbow bridgethis evening. May his soul rest in peace and enjoy his days in Doggie Paradise. Amen.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My First Sheltie Gathering

Mummy and Daddy brought Chopper and I to Bishan park for our very first sheltie gathering on Saturday. Although chopper doesn't have any sheltie gene in him, Mummy said he could come along with us :)And thank u Pirate very sending us there!

Finally, I got to meet Fraser, a VERY handsome sheltie!! Now if u had read one of my previous posts where i blogged about going to Pet Mover's Dog Run, you would also remember that it was on that day tt i met Mambo, Mebo and Diva too right? well Fraser's part of their family too and today it was his turn to come out and play.

here are the let me know if i've spelt the names wrongly pls!


Fraser , Pirate, Prince
The very handsome Fraser

Pirate's mummy & me
who's sitting on me!?

jazz's Coco
Meteor...Coco's son (right jazz?)

See how much mummy adores many photos of him
Pirate and I playing chase
Daddy sitting on me while playing with natasha
Shelties galore
Nova sitting for her treat
Kayla meets Fraser
Sheltie madness

ps : mummy apologizes for the lack of photos of the other dogs that were present as they were running around so much and all she got were blurred shots...heh...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey all...

Apologies for the lack of updates...mum told me the com-pew-ter is going looney...

Just came home from the Park where i had loads of fun with Pirate the shetland...and the weather almost killed us both!! thank god Mummy hosed us down with water occasionally to keep us cool...and to prevent heatstroke...

Overheard Mummy saying something about a Shetland gathering next wk...pls take me there...pwettty pls mummy? and Pirate's so lucky...he's going to the beach tmrw!! although i've nv been there and i dunno what a beeeech is, it sure sounds like fun!! Hopefully i get to go there soon with Pirate and we could play with Tristan there!! *hint hint*

im sooo pooped out from all that running and chasing...oh just let me snooze....ZZzzz

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rawhide ball

mum has a weird habit of sticking her camera into my face to take photos and videos or whatnot. Here's one from the other day when i was given my rawhide ball.