Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Loving Memory...

Dear Raymond,
u will always be remembered.
Rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drowsy and woozy

I got sent off to Dr Kenneth early yesterday morning and i can't remember much of what happened after that...i only know that im constantly woozy and sleepy all the time and i have no energy to walk much...and i have this ugly looking line down my belly which mummy calls stitches...doesn't hurt at all but its rather itchy...i've been threatened with the Elizabethan collar if i ever lick it way am i putting on that hideous thing....and i absolutely refuse to allow mummy to post pictures of me wearing THAT thing on...

anyway, im feeling slightly better today and managed to finish my breakfast...other that that, im still very drowsy...ZZzzz

Oh no...i just discovered im quite bald underneath due to my op...sob...not only have i lost some beautiful fur, i now have a hideous looking red line with blue thread down my belly...

here's a pic of Dewei's girl whom mummy visited that day...very intelligent little girl who was abandoned and partially blind...mummy's super pissed with the irresponsible owners...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi Friends!!

Mummy was able to (miraculously) turn on the comp so im finally able to update!!
Was supposed to go to the beach last weekend with Pirate but it rained :(
and we can't make it this wk...grrr....i've nv tried my paws at swimming b4!! I know lucky Tristan the Border Collie gets to go once in awhile...sob....

Anyhow, the next sheltie gathering is on 6th Sept and mummy has made the decision to go no matter what, rain or shine. Haha...she hopes Fraser and gang will be there too but lovely Diva (my lookalike) has just had babies so she can't go for outings for the time being...

Oh ya! Mummy used the furminator on me....look!!

Mummy's youngest sister Jolyn calls this the Dust-Bunny...


Mummy bought me a toy rope to chew on the other day and within less than an hr, this was the tragic outcome for mr ropey

By the next day, My Rope-y was in two pieces and i suspect that mummy put Mr Ropey into the thing that hew-mens call the dustbin...i can't find it anymore!!! Can i have more chew rope mommy?

Oh here are two cute lil Chihuahuas i met at the K9 family day event

*No animals were harmed during the furmination process and/or while posting this blog entry

Saturday, August 9, 2008


we missed the sheltie gathering....sob....