Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's breakfast menu : Sashimi.

I love my mumsy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy mum of mine had a sudden urge to take me jogging. ME. sheeesh.

This is my "are u nuts?!!" look :

and here i am after the run...mum said she's never seen my tongue hang this far out before ( supposed to be royalty...not running like a loonatick, mum) :

Now i wonder why she had to keep sticking the camera into my face while i was trying to recover from the shock of the run...*pfft*
i mean, can't u tell how exhausted i was?!

with drool,

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mummy went down to the shelter to help uncle Derrick after they had rescued 17 mongrel pups, which were estimated to be about a month old!

Mummy said one of the two litters look exactly like lab puppies and she started snappping's her fav shot:

It's called Project Puppy Kindergarten...its really disheartening to see such a huge number of strays left behind by the companies when they moved out of their sites...when they were in operation, they took in these strays to help guard their that they've evacuated, these dogs were all left behind, helpless and not knowing that their lives will be coming to an end when AVA comes by in the weeks to come. The feeders and shelter volunteers are trying their best to rescue as many as they can. But time is running out and they are just too many of them...

There was another litter, slightly older than this batch...we didn't manage to catch any that was just too dark...hopefully they can be rescued too...and soon....and there are also the adults...they're too wary us...will there be enough time?