Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kayla's first swim

Having not met Pirate for a really long time, both Kayla and I were shocked when we met him yesterday. Boy, has he grown!! The skinny sheltie is gone! Pirate is now much bigger and fluffier than Kayla and he's only 10 mths old! Kayla looks like a puppy next to him.

Anyhow, we went to Club4paws at 12pm only to be told that the pool was closed from 1130am-4pm. Shelving off our plans for a swim, we brought the furkids to the park instead.


Pirate / also called Paikia by his Daddy

Kayla daydreaming as usual

Pirate, tired from chasing Kayla


Pirate hoarding the water bowl

*sniff sniff*

And then Kayla knocked out when she got home.


And at 4pm....we brought them for a swim!

Pirate being cheeky

Kayla the dainty

Kayla hiding behind Pirate's dad to protect herself from Pirate

A very drenched Kayla

Pirate the hyperactive

Pirate is so huge, his 2 hind legs can reach the bottom of the pool!

Kayla was so pooped out, she fell asleep with her head on her ball while i was drying her.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunrays and Saturdays

I knew something was amiss when mummy came home on Sat evening - with Chopper dashing into our house like a mad lunatic ! You see, Chopper hardly ever comes over. And i was right. Off, we headed to the park to meet Echo.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


It happened again. For the 3rd time. THIRD time!!! **#$@%
THE pomeranian that charged toward Kayla on her second day in Singapore and scared the "already scared"Kayla who was trying hard to adapt to an entirely new environment and family charged at us again last night, growling and barking aggressively. It was so dark i could only hear the growling and braking get louder, but i could not see any dog near me. I just swooped down and picked Kayla up as fast as i could and only then, did i see THE pomeranian running toward us from the exercise corner. The moment i picked Kayla up, the dog stopped in the tracks and did not come any nearer. What would have happened if i didn't pick Kayla up? Would it have attacked?

The "pomegranate" went back to its owner after that and i placed Kayla back down. I was pissed but decided to let the matter go as it was a grandma who had brought the dog down. Once again, it charged toward us. HELLO? Didn't the owner have any sense to leash her dog after it charged at us? NO. All she did was "lai lai...mummy zai na pian" (come, come, mummy is at the other side) HUH? Your dog is NOT responding to ur calls and u're not making ANY effort to come pick it up?? U're gonna let it continue charging at my dog?? I picked Kayla up again and THIS time, I stomped toward them. I was sick of this. YOU know fully well that u're dog is not well socialised and YOU have the cheek to off leash it? YOU know fully well that u have NO command and control over your dog and u have the audacity to stand there and shout for it and not leash it after it ran back to u when i picked my dog up?

I asked the grandma to leash her dog and she could happily tell me that she has a leash and it was at home. AT HOME!! hello? I told her to leash her dog immediately and she said "Its at night and we're only here to play" there's a new rule saying that dogs only need to be leashed in the day...hmmm i wonder why AVA did not inform ME of that new ruling. tt's odd.
I asked her if she saw the way her dog was growling and charging toward us and it was dangerous for other dog owners in the vicinity. Her reply : "No la, my dog was scared(ya right). He doesn't bite" I tried explaining that he was growling and charging toward us and what if somethign were to happen. Same reply from her. There was absolutely no sense in trying to reason with her. None whatsoever. I had reached my boiling point. And repeated what i said in a louder tone. Because of irresponsible owners like THESE who are so nonchalent and inconsiderate that other dog owners like us have to suffer!!! Because of pple like THESE, other dogs get bitten and killed, other people get attacked. Like ONLYsiberians' Kerry blue terrier that was attacked that other day. Like the JRT who was a civil defence volunteer search and rescue dog who LOST ITS LIFE due to its negligant owner!!! When will THESE idiots wake up?!!! *^&@#$

Know what the best part is? THE granddaughter came down and started shouting at me, saying she could hear EVERYTHING from the 6th floor. Well, if u could hear EVERTHING where is ur apology for not leashing your dog? She was pissed that i was "rude" to her grandmother. I merely raised my voice. Maybe i was wrong to do so.

But the granddaughter had the cheek to retort "WE both have different breeds because they are different. My dog was just territorial. Did my dog bite your dog or not? Never right?!!!"

Hmm. I didn't know Poms were aggressive by nature. I do know however, that it was probably the "different" way of upbringing that would have made him behave so and NOT his breed type.
Any readers know if dogs will get territorial outside their home? i've never heard of this as yet.

me:" do u know what the word accident means?" It's called an accident for a reason. Do u wanna wait til something happens before u will take action and leash your dog? And when something does happen, are u able to compensate me? i know u CAN but u're not ABLE to. ( i wasn't referring to monetary compensation, more of emotionally etc")


?? Is she retarded or what? i have absolutely no idea. Dear readers, at this point i believe there is absolutely no point in reasoning with goners like these.

Sorry i just had to rant and let it all out. Now, let me try to strive for some inner peace. Ohmmmm.