Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry x'mas!!

to all 4 legged pals and their 2 legged pets!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh my goodness

u HAVE to watch this!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we have a visitor...!!

isn't she the sweetest thing? Her name's Miki and she's about 3-4 months old. she's really adorable and she's staying over im helping my friend to paper train Miki...but her whining and barking scares Kayla!! its really loud!! Kayla gets really scared when Miki's in the playpen and when she starts whining Kayla runs off...but after while she got used to it and she would go over to sayang Miki when her whining gets too loud and Miki will quieten down...hahaha

Miki is tiny but she's a real bully...poor Kayla...once in a while though, Kayla will show her who's boss and she'll start chasing Miki around...and then Miki will chase her back...hahhaa....well, i've got to go keep an eye on that twit now...toodles!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

post skc

so after the long tiring day at the dog show, (i wonder why its so tiring for kayla when i was the one lugging around a heavy haversack with all HER items in it. and i forgot to bring my own stuff)
we headed down to Earth Cafe for dinner for the humans...weird huh? its a DOG cafe and the humans ate while all we canines got was sky juice. hmph.

Alfie, fell asleep on Gen's lap

pweety me

Galgal with Dewei korkor

in Gen's car

5 seconds after this pic, all dogs were sound asleep!

at earth cafe at last:

as usual, Shyla hides under the table and makes herself comfy by sitting on Gen's shoes.

a friend comes to say hi

Alfie woke up when she smelled eggs. that's right. eggs. she loves eggs.

That's all folks! mummy said i made her very broke that day. now, i wonder what that means.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kayla's first skc show !

Held on 2nd Nov

first dogs to greet us at the doorway...
Alaskan Kee Klai!

Beautiful sammy that looked whiter than bleach...heh

My pal, Genevieve's Yorkie named Alfie...she's teenyyy!!

The lovely Arson:

Saluki - i first fell in love with this breed is pri sch

Fraser!! charming! and of course Sujun...tee hee

This was a very rare moment where Kayla did not back off when a dog came to smell her so i just let her be

They even kissed!!

After they were happily smooching for sometime, the BC's owner asked what my dog's name was and i found it weird so i just gave her the answer with a very puzzled expression. And guess what? the BC's Tristan!!! What a coincidence!! He's grown realy big and handsome now - just look at his face!! Full of expression and he's really calm too!!

He's keeps giving me his paws, alternating btw left and right...cuteness!!!

Awww. i love him man.

This is Tristan's new playmate.


Grandgables' sheltie (i was JUST told tt kayla's dad is half grandgable)

Of course here's our lovely Fraser

Julvir Yorkie

Look who's in the pretty tent!

Prince (right jazz?)

i like this breed too!

Chinese Crested



I cross my heart this looked more like a cuddly soft toy!

Chow Chow

Husky and Kayla make friends

a friend's Westie

Audrey and Arson's Puppies!! i love aussies too!!



Derrick's Heartie, Blip, and Leo


Derrick's friend's tiny ass CHH

The beautiful goldens...heard they're from thailand??



On sale? haha

Alfie the tiny ass was so tired she fell asleep

meet Cayla, half sister to Chopper :

Congrats Lou on winning her SG CH title :)

She stacks beautifully!!

Lou, i believe she's the best puppy u've bred!